Greyhound Lady Walking Series Quotes and Excerpts: Greyhound Lady Walking (signature novel)

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             Greyhound Lady Walking

                    Quotes and Excerpts

When Corky teased Dalton about showing off for them, he looked genuinely pained. “I swear we’re doing nothing different than we always do when it’s time to go to a Sooner game. Ask Matt, or Max. Woman, this is Oklahoma football. This is our religion and this is how we worship.”  From Greyhound Lady Walking


The next room had to be Matt’s. The cream and crimson decor of the room was shattered by the bold orange and black of the Oklahoma State Cowboys memorabilia everywhere. Seeing her face, Dalton laughed. “I had this room done for him as payback. The colors were to compliment the dark crimson of the Oklahoma Sooners. I made the mistake of letting him do all his college paperwork and imagine my surprise when I went to move him to Norman, and we ended up in Stillwater. It was the first time he ever really stood up to me. His premise was basic. “Hell no, I won’t go”. We had a different relationship from that day forward. Still brothers, but not big brother and little brother.”

From Greyhound Lady Walking


Moving closer to the picture, she read the inscription. “Lady Walking Greyhounds”.  She turned and looked at Dalton. Her amazement was evident. “You aren’t toying with me are you?”

“I swear. You can ask Matt. He made fun of me for buying it years ago. He thought I should buy a painting of a Brahma bull or a rodeo or something.” Dalton watched her as she stared at the painting as though imagining he had looked at them nightly after they met. “That day I saw you “rooing” with the greyhounds, and saw them surrounding you and licking you, I thought I saw pure happiness for the first time. After I insulted you and drove you away, I would come home at night and be haunted by this painting. It was as though you were on my mind and before me twenty-four hours a day. During that fateful month I couldn’t find you, and the time you were lying in the hospital bed, I would come home and sit and stare at the painting.” He took her in his arms. “ It’s almost like you’ve been with me before. Maybe in another lifetime if you believe in that sort of thing. I don’t think I do, but lately I’m finding out there are a lot of things I don’t know or understand about how the mind works, and for that matter, life and death.”  From Greyhound Lady Walking

“Dalton, there’s just one thing.” She looked up at him shyly. “That has got to be the most intimidating bed, I have ever seen.”

Dalton reared his head back and laughed. “It’s a test. I told myself when I bought it, that it would take a hell of a woman to ever throw me out of that bed.” At that explanation and mental image, they both laughed. But, he had no idea that once again she was picturing her own  raging, rearing stallion in that bed. From Greyhound Lady Walking


“Why do you call your guitar Blue?”

“Oh, I guess because when I had my guitar I would always play it when I was blue. That was about all the time after I got married. Only the guitar didn’t last long enough to get me through it.”

“I’m sorry Corky. I didn’t mean to bring up the sad times. It must have made you really happy for Max to think of this as a Christmas present.”

“Yes it did. And don’t worry. Remembering is part of the process of letting go too. I am saying goodbye to a bad memory that’s been replaced with a good one. That’s how it works for me. When I have a bad memory, I work to find a good one to take its place.”

From Greyhound Lady Walking


As they undressed, they felt the draft of the night air and both laughed as they dove for the covers. There were several covers, quilts, blankets and afghans, piled on top of the old cotton sheets. Dalton was quick to explain they were lying on an old horsehair mattress that was supported by ropes tied and woven across the bed frame. He had decided to go with authenticity instead of comfort.

Explanations done, he began to make love as only her wild stallion knew how. At the peak of his performance, it was their luck for the old bed to come crashing down on the floor on one side leaving them squeezed together and padded by the old horsehair mattress. When Sam could catch her breath from laughing she smirked. ”So Dalton, how is that whole ‘authenticity over comfort’ thing working for you?”

From Greyhound Lady Walking


Ed’s hand was getting whiter as he gripped the gun, and Max drove him on.

“Corky told me you cheated on her, beat her, and finally crippled her. She had to get a bunch of abused women cops to help her escape. And all because you weren’t a real man, or should I say a” big man”?”

It happened so fast, that Max almost didn’t get his gun off in time. Years of practice and the calmness of absolute hatred and retribution, steadied his hand as he fired off only one bullet, directly into the place Ed Marsdenson should have had a heart. The bastard slumped to the floor and died.

From Greyhound Lady Walking


There is a first love, where you can’t breathe.

Later comes a love, where you breathe together.

Later still is a love, where both breathe separately.

He on one side, she on the other, yet, each is half the pair.

I have known all three loves, I have known them with you.


From Greyhound Lady Walking


Tears ran down Paige’s face thinking about the possibilities, and feeling grace had spared them. The informational autopsy was complete. They knew what caused “the find” of this victim. One more lesson learned about being in hiding. Even when you know what not to do, it can happen. What an immeasurable cost.

From Greyhound Lady Walking

. “Believe me, when you two get married, I have an old iron skillet of mom’s that hangs in the kitchen still. I’m going to give it to you, and if Dalton gets out of line, whack him good. I know that goes against your domestic violence teaching, but there has to be an exception clause for Oklahoma men.”

From Greyhound Lady Walking


Their parting was of one accord; however, Dalton did not feel any less inadequate. Being a man, to him had always meant he was in charge; protecting his own; fighting at the drop of a hat to settle whatever needed settling. He now understood that was a mentality, a mindset, and not one that was healthy. He had grown because of his association with the women at the ranch, but his love for Sam and seeing her in pain and not being able to fix it, was a whole new level of growth. If only there was someone, he could just go smack around or control, he would feel better.

 But then, that was the lesson wasn’t it? That each person has their space; their choice; and their need to exercise their life and emotional spirit as they saw fit. Ideally, the end result would be two healthy and happy people. God he hoped it worked; and soon.

From Greyhound Lady Walking


“They let our father know about her death and the services. He chose not to come. He had an important talk to give to his fellow retired military men. A month after her burial, I went to see him. When I pulled up out front, he walked out onto his porch. I didn’t even get out of the car. I just signaled the men in the truck behind me, and they used their wench and crane to deliver a package onto his sidewalk that was encased in a wooden packing crate. Then we all drove off.”

Trying to picture the scene, Dalton wondered what she could possibly have given him at a time like that. “You going to make me ask? What was in it?

“An iron anvil weighing two thousand pounds. Inscribed into the metal was the scripture from the Bible which talks about it “being better to have an anvil attached around your neck, and be thrown into the depths of the ocean, than to hurt a child”. I haven’t seen or heard from his since.”

From Greyhound Lady Walking


He sat back down and stared into the face of the violent, unrepentant, son of a bitch and smiled.

“You know I’m relieved you’re all I thought you would be. If I ever wondered what kind of woman I was marrying, or how strong she was, now I am assured I am marrying perfection. Not only is Sam Huston the most beautiful, loving woman I have ever met, but she is all woman. She has broken me without having to lay a hand on me. She turned me from being a jet-setter bent on living a selfish life pitying myself for my losses, to being a man in touch with who he is and hell bent on pleasing my wife. In other words, she beat you. She won. She survived your destructive, despicable treatment, and found herself. She came out better than you could ever have imagined. And when her sister, your daughter Dani died Sam fought on for justice and she did it on her own. Unlike you, her father, the one she couldn’t even turn to for help in bringing her sister’s murderer to justice, Sam turned to helping others and helping them get through life and not to be a victim.”

“Get out of my house. No one asked you to come here. I’ll sic the dogs on you.”

“When we walk down the aisle, we won’t be thinking about you or about the past. You really will be dead to Sam. I’ll see to that. In the future she will have children to love and adore and she will forget the hatred in her own childhood, because that’s what Sam is about. Moving on, and doing good. So when you wonder about your grandchildren, and if you have any grandsons, you’ll be stuck in your selfish world with your limited power, bossing around two dogs named “Commander and Danger”. I imagine they are supposed to project your manhood. Is that what all this was about? Your manhood? You thought without sons you weren’t a man? Well, you aren’t.”

Dalton stood and looked into a face of pure hatred and thought he’d only seen that look once before on the face of a Nazi war criminal who stood unrepentant to the end of his life.  Even though Dalton had only seen the criminal on a TV screen, the hatred permeated the viewer until you could smell the emotion of evil.

“I’ll see myself out, Mr. Huston. Thanks for the drink, and I appreciate your time. It makes marrying Sam just that much sweeter. Oh, and as far as wearing a frilly white apron; if she asked me, I’d proudly do it. I’d still be ten times the man you’ll ever be.

Greyhound Lady Walking


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From Greyhound Lady Walking Copyright @2008


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Some call me retired: I am RE-FIRED. I have written 15 books, plus 3 written as a "ghost writer". I no longer offer the novels as printed books, having them only available as Kindle Ebooks since my retirement as a novelist. Twelve books are on Kindle eBooks: collectively they are known as The Greyhound Lady Walking suspense series.They are real cases fictionalized into suspense stories to protect identities..( no victim/survivor names were compromised, and workers and locations were protected.) I also co-authored a non-fiction book: Footsteps Out of Darkness: The Annabelle Kindig Story . It is available on Amazon under the name of Annabelle Kindig. I have traveled, written from the heart, and found an audience that appreciates my "platform". The catalyst to writing the novels was the realization that if I died, I would take all my amazing experiences in these real cases with me; and believe me few have lived 5 lives in one. It would "silence the voices" of the victim/survivors whose triumphs are written into these novels. The suspense series was written in part with the collaboration of police woman and sex crime expert Trula Ann Godwin. In addition to the novels, I have written as a ghost writer for a World War II veteran who fought in the South Pacific aboard the USS Maryland in all the major battles. I have also written a non-fiction book recording oral history stories of my family members beginning with the 1930's to present. There are sixty-six "legacy" stories with pictures. It was recently published as a private printing for family and close associates only. I am a published photo journalist having won the 2009 Editor's Choice Award for internet freelance news articles and pictures of the Cedar Rapid's Iowa flood victim accounts and their personal struggles.. My husband and I are in our 52nd year together (only one blip on the marital radar together), and we have adopted three greyhounds; Dex, Big Buddy and Baby Doll. These were the inspirations in the Greyhound Lady Walking suspense series We have eleven grandchildren, 7 grandsons and 4 granddaughters. My three children live in Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio.
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