Live a “Charmed” life as a Survivor/Victor, not a victim.#AbuseAnvilCharm

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I am not selling a product, but a life changing idea.

One might ask why I wear these around my neck, in particular the anvil charm? It is true if I was younger and out and about, I would wear it on a charm bracelet, but in this time of life, I choose to wear it alongside my necklace medallion. My husband got me the gold medallion which on the other side has a Mourning Dove which symbolizes my bond with my mother who passed away in the 90’s. The words on the back, seen here in the picture, say: “With faith, there is no fear.”

The anvil represents “a victim/survivor of abuse” of any form: physical/emotional child abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape/sexual assault, and any abuse you survived that you need/ want a reminder that you overcame your victimization, to become not just a survivor, but a victor.

Mine represents childhood sexual abuse, not of parenting, but of perpetrators. The details are not for this particular post, but has been documented in writings of the past. I am promoting the wearing of a “charm” which survivors can wear to open up a conversation about abuse with others who might ask or be introduced to the concept. Or, they may just want it as a tangible reminder that they are “overcomers. Mine is from England, ordered online, and has hearts. The “box” opens and inside are two hearts. These represent to me, myself, and the one who helped me recover and become a survivor: my husband who got me the medallion and helped me conceive of the anvil as a emblem for victim/survivors.


The idea happened when I wrote Greyhound Lady Walking. The lead character goes to meet his bride-to-be’s father before their wedding. His idea is to try to initiate a reconciliation between them, if it is possible. He knows it will be a daunting task given what she has told about him. It turned out, he was worse than expected.

When my husband learned of this story line he pointed out it would be Biblical to “cast the abuser into the depths of the ocean with an anvil around his neck”. He liked the idea of modern day men having to wear a visible anvil around their necks if they were abusers much like women of old who had to wear the scarlet letter A for adultery.  I believe he’s pouting because I “stole his idea” and gave it to the survivors as symbols of remembrance/victory,   but he agrees, it is “good for those, who, like me, get a positive reinforcement from being reminded “I won over the perpetrators.”

As a survivor/victim or if you know someone who would benefit, consider going online to find your very own: (I found mine here)

If you want the entire background story, it can be found here:


About joycegodwingrubbs2

Some call me retired: I am RE-FIRED. I have written 15 books, plus 3 written as a "ghost writer". I no longer offer the novels as printed books, having them only available as Kindle Ebooks since my retirement as a novelist. Twelve books are on Kindle eBooks: collectively they are known as The Greyhound Lady Walking suspense series.They are real cases fictionalized into suspense stories to protect identities..( no victim/survivor names were compromised, and workers and locations were protected.) I also co-authored a non-fiction book: Footsteps Out of Darkness: The Annabelle Kindig Story . It is available on Amazon under the name of Annabelle Kindig. I have traveled, written from the heart, and found an audience that appreciates my "platform". The catalyst to writing the novels was the realization that if I died, I would take all my amazing experiences in these real cases with me; and believe me few have lived 5 lives in one. It would "silence the voices" of the victim/survivors whose triumphs are written into these novels. The suspense series was written in part with the collaboration of police woman and sex crime expert Trula Ann Godwin. In addition to the novels, I have written as a ghost writer for a World War II veteran who fought in the South Pacific aboard the USS Maryland in all the major battles. I have also written a non-fiction book recording oral history stories of my family members beginning with the 1930's to present. There are sixty-six "legacy" stories with pictures. It was recently published as a private printing for family and close associates only. I am a published photo journalist having won the 2009 Editor's Choice Award for internet freelance news articles and pictures of the Cedar Rapid's Iowa flood victim accounts and their personal struggles.. My husband and I are in our 52nd year together (only one blip on the marital radar together), and we have adopted three greyhounds; Dex, Big Buddy and Baby Doll. These were the inspirations in the Greyhound Lady Walking suspense series We have eleven grandchildren, 7 grandsons and 4 granddaughters. My three children live in Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio.
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