Fairy Wishes; Proof they come true. Engaged in a Fairy Garden.

This is the story of a beautiful young girl in love and in a hurry to know it was forever and forever.

This is the story of a beautiful young girl in love and in a hurry to know it was forever and forever.


Christmas passed, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, and even the end of her marathon race where “he” greeted her  as she crossed the finish line  dressed as a happy cloud passed. No ring, no proposal and more anticipation ahead. “He” had declared his love in their yearlong courtship, he had bought a house with property and was working hard to completely renovate it, but still there was no firm, visible commitment for her to show. When she got her new position at work, he surprised her by bringing a picture of the two of them together for her desk and placed it strategically so the “wolves would know she had someone.” She thought a ring would have given even a stronger message, but he just smiled his knowing, aggravating, yet captivating smile.

“He” has a rather eccentric grandmother who is rather “spoiled” by her husband of more than fifty years. Her hubby indulges her whim to have a “Fairy Tree Garden” that is surrounded by 96 feet of marbled fence, 17 strands of multi-colored solar night-lights flashing and twinkling all night, and various small venue storytelling sets, which are dedicated to revealing the fairies stories in the “Cleft in the Tree Shelter” for Fairies(i.e. Fairy library, nursery, unicorn stables, a “Swinery-winery”, and a collection totaling about thirty displays with stories.)

fairy garden back

fairy butterfly marbles






Fairy Fence

There is even a formal tour you take when first you visit. One of the “rituals” is to ring the sleigh bells waking the fairies. The fairies then  place fairy dust in a special dispenser, and if you BELIEVE, you make a fervent wish and toss the fairy dust into the air so it lands on your head and covers you with its magic.  This young woman, while visiting in Iowa from Wisconsin, faithfully toured and wished a wish she told no one about, especially “Him”.  Not that it would have been hard to figure out her most fervent desire.

Steven and Hannah

Weeks later she and her very special “He” visited the grandmother and grandfather together. Before they arrived they had a big day in Green Lake, Wisconsin, then drove to Iowa.

Engagement green lake

They had a lazy day and night just talking, eating mounds of whipped crème on their angel food cake with strawberries, and reminiscing with the grandparents about their lives “in the good ole’ days”.

The next day, they went on a  3 mile run on a beautiful, perfect, Iowa day choosing to run the bike path along the mighty Mississippi River, where curiously, it runs east and west instead of the usual north and south. This was accomplished despite storm warnings which faded completely to the surprise of the grandparents. Of course there was that nap on the couch they took due to  falling asleep during their animated conversation after the run in the high humidity.

Engagement 14

Returning from a 3 mile run crossing from Iowa to Illinois over the Centennial bridge, they were detailing their route details when they fell asleep giving both grandparents time to grab cameras and document a special moment.

The grandparents then welcomed their granddaughter and her friend who arrived on a trip to Oklahoma and of course the commotion of the four soon had the couple awake. Seeing her brother  and his girlfriend just added energy to the visit as they enjoyed the treat from Grandpa of the area’s premier pizza.

It was then Grandma Lady announced she wanted to give the granddaughter’s guest and her grandson the formal tour of the Fairy Tree Garden and emphasized that you are never too young or old for fairies and believing in them is part of the magic in life.  The group exited the house into the Fairy garden where Grandma Lady was able to join in by riding on her beautiful Oklahoma Sooner colored electric scooter accompanied by her ever present caretaker, grandpa.  She quickly organized the group and they began the formal tour by shaking the sleigh bells and all getting the fairy dust in their hands, closing their eyes, and then tossing the silver fairy dust into the air to “seal” the wish.

The next step was to follow the drawbridge to open the medieval door that led into a cleft in the tree. There they would retrieve what turned out to be 4 letters from the fairies. The letters were given to Grandma Lady who looked at the names and selected one. She handed it to her Grandson who was instructed to read it out loud.  While he read it he found out the fairies had given him a new name, Kalen, which is a Warrior fairy who protects all the fairies. He survived with “embarrassment, laughing” and then Grandma Lady gave him a letter for his girl-friend who was enjoying his embarrassment.

She opened her letter and it said, “YOU DO NOT GET A FAIRY NAME, BECAUSE YOU ALREADY HAVE A NEW NAME COMING; MRS. “PUTTY HENSLER” (The grandson’s nickname.) First she looked confused, then laughed that it was his nickname from babyhood, then a stunned look came over her when she saw him drop to his knees in the darkness of the Fairy Garden, open a ring box, and begin his proposal. She could not believe it and kept saying over and over, “No this isn’t for real. Are you really?” and over and over as we all laughed.

Engagement start 2

The darkness helped us not intrude into the moment but he is placing the ring on her finger. Ironically, part of her shock is that she was in a t-shirt, no make up, hair had been combed after her post run shower but hung naturally, and she was wearing shorts, and had tied a plaid shirt on her hips in case she needed to ward off mosquitoes. Obviously a beautiful woman without need of the trappings, and a boy-friend who never doubted for a moment she would not mind being caught in her natural state and have it documented for all the years ahead. They know each other, are 100% compatible, and in love.

Engagement 10

They surround his sister, her future sister-in-law, and show off the ring.

Engagement 12

Standing by the Fairy Tree in the Garden, they are by the “Guardian Fairy Couple Emeritus, Carl and Lydia Weber, ” and the light shines through the “baby fairy nursery” surrounded by blue stained glass. At the base of the tree is the “medieval” door with the attached drawbridge which leads to the door and the place where the Fairies’ letters were kept and removed for the evening’s event.

Fairy garden at night 2

Fairy garden at night 4

Fairy garden at night

Fairy garden angel

This solid wrought iron angel weighing almost 40# will travel from the fairy garden to the home of the couple when they marry. For now it will remain in the garden on the grape arbor fence.


Engagement 3

Theirs is an enduring time of magic, hope, joy and surprises. The inclusion of the grandparents who do not travel for reasons of health, is an extraordinary testimony to the bond between grandparents and grandson and soon to be granddaughter-in-law. It is for that reason that after this picture, he told his new fiancé’ “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY,” WHICH IS THAT HIS GRANDMOTHER’S WEDDING RINGS HAVE BEEN RESET WITH  A NEW DIAMOND.  Now TOGETHER THEY WILL CREATE AN ADDITIONAL CHANGE TO THE WEDDING BAND TO MAKE IT THEIR OWN. There was no need to have it resized as it fit perfectly, and fulfilled her expressed desire to have a “vintage or personal history” type of ring.




Herman Steven and Level

Earlier photo with Gpa’s beloved fur-child, Baby Doll and the grandson.

Where was grandpa in all of this?  He and his grandson were in “cahoots” about the surprise and he was the one who sneaked the ring in the ring box out to the proposal site, handed it off to Gma Lady, who handed it off to the grandson, while the “fiance’ to be” was reading her letter from the Fairies.

engagement gma 2

How precious to have my grandson want his engagement proposal to take place in my Fairy Tree Garden and to share that important milestone with his grandfather and me. As beautiful as that is, we will know that not only will my wedding set which is now 55 years old, move forward with love, but our grandson’s fiancée’ has accepted his desire to wear his grandfather’s wedding ring as well after he told her it was offered to him. We have a favorite term from Hawaii we like to use. “OHANA” which stands for “family, always remembered and never left behind.” We live on in the love of all of our family, and especially the newly manifested couple which will also carry on the family line..

Hannah and steve faces

When asked what he wished for when he threw the fairy dust, in a very serious tone that suggested he did not take her for granted, he said, “I just wanted her to say yes.”  And she did. So congratulations Steven Eric Hensler and Hannah Marie Legget-Hintz, who according to the terms of the proposal will never hyphenate her name again when she becomes Mrs. Hannah Marie Hensler. (No date is set.)






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16 Responses to Fairy Wishes; Proof they come true. Engaged in a Fairy Garden.

  1. Trula Hensler says:

    Nice job family. Lonn and I kept waiting for the good news. Welcome to the family Hannah. Wishing you the years of happiness and commitment that my parents have shared. Love you both!

  2. Pat says:

    So happy for you all, congratulations to the happy couple!

    • Thanks so much Pat. They are a beautiful couple in love with the Lord and so excited to serve Him in church and the community. Wonderful to see them doing their Bible study together and praying together. Very “down to earth couple”. We are very encouraged and blessed.

  3. Hannah really wanted to “tell you guys” and then have the blog post be the way they shared it so people could see pictures and have the background information and she said, ” I can’t go to work and just talk about myself and what happened. I have to work. ” Sounds to me like she respects her boss.

  4. Dawn Leggett says:

    Congratulations Steven and Hannah!!! Welcome to this crazy family Steven! We love you both!

    • Dawn I am certain there will be many years of tomfoolery and teasing between the two families as to how or which is the craziest (in the best sense of the word.) It should be a happy and fun time had by all.

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  6. Laura Lisowe says:

    I am grateful for your support and love that you all put towards Hannah and Steven’s journey of life together. It is a beautiful gift that God has blessed us all with. Thanks for sharing it had me in tears and the puffs plus on duty. I love the story and the moments of suspense as it all unfolds.

    • Dearest Laura, thank you for your feedback. Steven is one of my dearest of eleven grandchildren. Hannah is the perfect soulmate for him and our family is so grateful they found one another. Have you read her story in TheKnot.com/US/Henslers2016 ? Their “meeting” was priceless. And we believe their future if ongoing forever. Thank you so much for loving them with us.

  7. I’m glad to be one of several visitors on this outstanding web site.
    many thanks for posting.

  8. Hmm it appears like your website ate my first comment
    (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I
    had written and say, I’m completely enjoying your blog.
    I as well am an ambitious blogger however I’m still new to everything.
    Do you have any points for novice blog writers?
    I’d certainly appreciate it.

    • Sorry you lost part of your post; never had that happen before. Glad you weren’t discouraged and wrote again. As for pointers, I guess I learned to be “proliferate” with the number of posts and to go back and repost them periodically if they got good responses; ie like my top two which got about 2000 in one day and several from foreign countries. The one that surprised me most was The Best/Worst Café and the other has been The True Love story. I’m closing in on 19000 which to many isn’t much but I started small and then grew. One of the posts is about that and it’s the one about “Why I chose WordPress” for my blog. Just be persistant; your title must always be your “hook”. Be bold, be sassy, be poetic, be charming because all of that is “welcoming” and says “you won’t be bored.” Good luck my friend. And I have all mine linked to Twitter, Google and Facebook so that when it’s done all get the new post. Really helped when I did that.

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