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A Cop’s Letter for Youth of today; Ferguson, Baltimore, NOW Charlottesville. Wherever Injustice Prevails.

  TRULA’S OPEN LETTER TO THE YOUTH OF TODAY (A Legacy Story) Pioneer police woman in Iowa, Trula Ann Godwin   The words delivered by Officer Trula Ann Godwin,  Davenport Police Department In recent national news coverage, a young … Continue reading

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SENIOR LOVE; In all the years that came before, none compare

  SENIOR LOVE IS AS FRAGILE AS THE SPIDER WEB OF WHAT IS TO COME,  AND AS STRONG AS THE INEVITABLE BRIDGE TO BE CROSSED Author Joyce Godwin Grubbs. SENIOR LOVE  Love is no longer private, or something to put … Continue reading

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My Dad; they don’t have to be perfect to be loved.My Cock-fighting, Wolf-hunting, Boxing/fighter, and Tender-hearted Dad.

Oh, he was far from perfect; wouldn’t set foot in a church and angry at God after his mother passed away from tuberculosis when he was 5. He was sent to live with relatives in Arkansas after a few years due to … Continue reading

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Fairy Wishes; Proof they come true. Engaged in a Fairy Garden.

  Christmas passed, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, and even the end of her marathon race where “he” greeted her  as she crossed the finish line  dressed as a happy cloud passed. No ring, no proposal and more anticipation ahead. … Continue reading

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THEY SAW A MAN: A tribute to the enduring “Jim Kent” of my life.

THEY SAW A MAN A TRIBUTE TO HERMAN LEE GRUBBS THE ENDURING JIM KENT OF MY LIFE   THEY SAW A MAN In The Spring of His Life   They saw a tall, good looking, 21 year old college student. … Continue reading

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Fans and Friends; Sgt. Hammer (real one) is Getting Married; Jason’s Love is War Comes Full Circle

Since publication of Jason’s Love is W.A.R. Sgt. Hammer has gained many fans. Today the true life Sgt. Hammer who is actually Sgt. Jason Tanner (retired), is planning to marry the love of his life. For those who would want to catch up with this much beloved character (in real life) just enjoy.
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A “TRUE LOVE STORY”that can change the way you love: A couple to remember

  First they got to have the fairy tale. It all began with two young people becoming international Pen-pals. She from the United States, he from Malaysia.   While many had their doubts about the growing love and relationship of this … Continue reading

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