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“Sow’s Ear” into Silk Dresses is Successful; Estella Frances Godwin Creator. A Godwin family legacy story.

THIS IS NO JOKE; READ ON FOR THE “SOW’S EAR” REVEAL. First, the dresses. You must put yourself in the setting where they were created. South East Oklahoma. You must imagine that the beautiful girl wearing the dresses did not come from … Continue reading

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A GOD Wink: The Hanging Tree in Our Back Yard

  THE HANGING TREE IN OUR BACK YARD (A LEGACY STORY) One of the first confirmations of the ESP in my family that directly involved me was an occasion in my childhood involving my sister Trula. I am sure she … Continue reading

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Underground Victim Mail System: Oh the stories it could and did tell. P.O. Box 1155 saved lives.

What is 12 inches long, six by four, open at one end and the other, a locked door????

Wrong. It is not the post office box, but rather an almost magical space that is safe. A space that allowed high risk victim/survivors to communicate with the assurance they can find a way to be in touch with necessary people, or still pay off debts without being traced. This can mean everything to someone who has gone underground due to domestic violence or rape/sexual assault. They had to abandon every part of their life, possibly, and indeed probably, for life. This is their one “lifeline” and for a high risk underground victim, this is life sustaining. Continue reading

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My Dad; they don’t have to be perfect to be loved.My Cock-fighting, Wolf-hunting, Boxing/fighter, and Tender-hearted Dad.

Oh, he was far from perfect; wouldn’t set foot in a church and angry at God after his mother passed away from tuberculosis when he was 5. He was sent to live with relatives in Arkansas after a few years due to … Continue reading

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My Funny, Spicy, Opinionated, Memoir Titles; Make it Fun for Future Generations

Titles of Individual Stories in: Grandma Lady’s Slightly Exaggerated and Fractured Family Tales (My memoir stories.)   This is to show you that memoirs can be fun, brief,  and a series of short stories from childhood to adulthood make it … Continue reading

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Greyhound Lady Walking; How it Became the Signature Novel of the Series.

In this signature novel of the series,  set in contemporary times, you will find the core feelings and messages of the series. Indeed, the intent of the series.  The inclusion of Jet-setting, Greyhound rescue, and intrigue and betrayal have never been more … Continue reading

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A Christmas With the Union (1940’s Legacy Story) My “heart” belonged to Tommy.

 This particular Christmas stood out because it was the first time that the “magic” appeared. In the last 74 years, the one thing that has remained a constant in my life, no matter the circumstances I find myself in, is … Continue reading

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